Reveal Innovations started life as a company in 2008.

We're owned and operated out of the Flower Mound, Texas area. While we started in 2008, we made our first Phoenix drum enclosure in 2006. It was for the Gateway Church and we got help from the drummer for the 'Gateway Worship Team'.

Since then, we've grown into an online company servicing the entire country! The demand for our product has been nothing short of phenomenal. We had no idea our design would go on to be a staple for church drummers and sound designers. Our designs have changed a lot since then, as we continue to strive to innovate. Tons of thought and updates have gone into them, and today they're better than ever.

Ever since we started our mission has been to provide the highest-quality drum enclosures on the market at affordable prices. To us, we're not doing our job right unless you're completely satisfied with your drum enclosure. We know frustrating sound engineering can be with a live drum set, and we take pride in offering a solution!

If you have a studio, play in a church band, or have a live music venue, don't wait to reach out to us! We can get your drums fitting into the mix perfectly. You can email us any time at